Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Cut My Hair!

I do this thing every few months where I get bored with my hair and I want a change. However, the problem is that I also do this thing where I grow my hair out really long, I cut it all off, I donate that hair, and then I start growing it all out again. So I can't keep cutting it otherwise I don't get to donate it. I also do not color or perm my hair in any way. It's just expensive and not really my thing. I actually love my hair color and have had some super horrible experiences with perms. Insert awkward poodle picture here:

That's me on the left. My cousin is the Curly Sue on the right. My hair was still wet in this picture. It got fuzzy and not so very pretty!

Anyway, back to my point. So I had a dilemma. I wanted a change, but I can't color or perm my hair and I can't cut it. Or at least not all of it. But, I could cut bangs!

And this is literally me, ME, cutting my hair. I have no experience with cutting hair, no training, just a set of itty, bitty scissors since our big ones went MIA, a YouTube tutorial video, and a bit more confidence than I should have maybe, lol. Again, I don't like to spend money on myself so I usually trim my own hair with the pony tail on top of your head technique and save the professional cuts for when I chop it all off and have little room for error.

Once I decided that I wanted to give myself bangs, I searched a couple of videos on YouTube and ended up with this one by Sam Villa  mostly because it was pretty simple and seemed pretty fool proof.

So I went for it! I sectioned off the hair I wanted to cut and did his twist technique and took a breath and started cutting. I started out cutting it longer than I wanted, just to make sure I wouldn't take off too much. So I ended up cutting it about three times before I got it to the length that I liked. And I was impressed. It had a slight fringe to it, looked pretty even, and definitely transformed my look completely. I liked it.

What I did wrong though was take too much from the sides. So, if I do my hair correctly, I get a pretty cute look, but if I don't, I look like I have a slight mullet, lol. I also discovered that the hair style with my hair down kind of makes my face look chubbier, which is no bueno.

I've kind of gotten into the habit now of just sweeping the bangs to one side to create a fun side-bang look rather than the thick bangs in front. But I still have both options. I think side bangs look better with hair down and full bangs look better with my hair in a bun. So all in all, I like it because I have more variety than I did before. And more character. And I do wear my hair up pretty often, so it's nice to have more than just slicked back "bangs" all the time. I had fun with the experience and I have a feeling it won't be my last experiment in cutting my own hair, lol.

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