Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Weigh In: 3/1

This week has had its ups and down, and unfortunately the scale is one of the ups. Things have been a bit stressful with a couple of different family issues. My husband's step mom's dad died this week and my cousin may be getting a divorce. I turned to comfort eating instead of following my tips and tricks to staying on track. My husband has been helping me get my mind right though. The gain wasn't a lot and I know I can get it off in the week to come.

At times like these, it's good to remember why you are taking the journey. I want to look good in a swimsuit this summer for the first time in my life. I want to fit into my jeans again. I want to feel energetic. I want to be attractive for my husband. I want to feel fit. I want confidence. I want to get healthy so my body will be ready when we decide to have kids. I want that muffin top to go away. And I want to feel like a success and finally reach the end of this journey.

I followed my tips last night and managed to say "NO!" to my cravings. I got on the treadmill instead. It was just a walk, heavy incline though, and I still burned over 200 calories. I have a tendency to apply my "all or nothing" approach to my workouts too, but my husband is helping me with that.

Here's to a better week ahead! I think we may be seeing a few warmer days next week. I'm very excited for that. I always tend to do better when I can get outside. I'm not made for Ohio winters.

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It doesn't show your weight, just the percentage lost. First weigh in is next Friday!

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