Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday: Weigh In

It's Friday and that means it is weigh in day! I was actually looking forward to this weigh in this week. I have been busy and haven't posted much this week, but I have been very much on top of my nutrition and have managed to lose this week! I'm going to work on getting back into the workouts next week and see what that does on the scale for next weigh in.

I had a few moments where I really was craving just about everything that was awful for me. Part of what kept me going was my end goal. Not to be ? pounds, but to be healthy and feel confident in my clothes. The other part of what helped me was my husband. I think I went through a bit of withdrawals this week, since I didn't eat any added sugars, and he was very supportive and helped me to keep my mind distracted from food and on other things.

We are in the process of looking for a house to buy together. We just got married in October of 2012 so I sometimes feel like we are in a whirlwind of emotions. Wedding planning was stressful and house hunting is stressful, but I think if I can get a grip on my nutrition and fitness then I will feel better overall. And there will always be something that is stressful to challenge you. The key is finding what motivates you and holding onto it to reach your goals.

I hope you all had a great week and lost this week too, but if not then just pick yourself back up and get back on track. You never truly fail until the day that you give up completely. As long as you can get up and try again, then that's success.

Have a good weekend and don't forget to turn your clocks forward!

And if anyone is interested in joining in a weigh loss challenge, click HERE. The password is GetReal. Thintopia is a free site that allows you to track your weight loss on a graph with others. It doesn't show your weight, only your weight loss percentage. Give it a try!

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