Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fitness Blender: Week 2

Hey all,

I started Week 2: Day 1 of the 8-Week Fitness Blender challenge today. I gotta say that it will be a miracle if I can walk tomorrow! In a good way! : )

Round 1
I am still going strong with the workouts and I really, REALLY enjoy them being different each day. I never get a chance to get bored. I can feel my flexibility and strength and stamina improving already even with just one week down. I'll be weighing in on Friday, so hopefully I'll see some progress there.

I just wanted to give an update and also talk about hidden menus. I have recently discovered that Panera has a "hidden menu". It is nearly impossible to find, but here is the link if you're interested.

The menu consists of 6 meals, appropriate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and they all have a primal twist.

Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl with Roasted Turkey
"Developed by Scott Davis, Panera Bread's Chief Concept Officer, Panera's "off-the-menu" dishes offer nourishing options that make sticking to New Year's resolutions simple. All of these meal selections are an excellent source of protein and contain limited processed carbs. But you won't find these items on banners in our cafes, or even on the menu board."

I wish I knew why they make it so hard to find online, but I am going to have to see if my local Panera supports this menu next time I'm out and need to grab something quick.

What do you think of the hidden menu?

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