Friday, May 10, 2013

Speaking of workout clothes ...

Relaxed Fit Crop PantSo, the other day I put up a picture that said that you are more likely to workout if you've already got your workout clothes on. I'm not sure that works for me! If I go to sleep with my workout clothes on, in hopes that it will make me want to get up and go for an early morning walk, I am still just going to hit the snooze button and tell myself, "Tomorrow... Zzzz." That's just me though. I've heard it really does work for other people. But me, not so much.

Light French Terry Hoodie VestFor me, the process of getting the workout clothes on is what really motivates me. It could be because I have to get up and get moving to do so. So, after I just get done putting them on, I am much less likely to just go lay back in bed or go back to sitting in front of the computer. I also have a nerdy tendency to imagine I'm part of some epic movie montage and I'm getting geared up for my big moment where I conquer my workout! ... But again, that's just me. And you should do whatever works! So whether that is going to sleep in your workout gear (or putting them on ahead of time) or imagining yourself in a movie, use what works!

As far as types of workout clothes, I am very much not into shorts. I don't really feel confident enough to show my thighs just yet. Plus, the types of workout that I do usually involve some kind of plyo action, and there is just too much jiggle for me to feel like that epic conqueror.  

Sweetheart Neck Racerback TankSo, I typically wear tights and a tank top for my indoor workouts and throw on a hoodie if I take it outside. I can't say I have tried many different brands, but I really love the Danskin brand. I just think that their clothes are comfortable, they're stylish, they fit well (hate when I buy something and it feels like it was made for one specific body type, which is usually not mine), they are affordable (they've always got their clothes on sale at WalMart) and they come in many fun different colors! They've got tops, bottoms, jackets, bras, leggings, and even bags! So, what's not to love?

If anyone has another brand that they really love or would like to recommend, I'd love to hear about it!

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