Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day workout!

Happy Memorial Day! Most people have the day off, but I signed up to work, so I am sticking to my normal routine: working and working out.

Today's workout was #9 out of 44 workouts in the Fitness Blender 8-week challenge. It was short, but definitely packed a punch. This workout was one of the HIIT workouts, so short, sweet, and intense beyond belief. It left me laying in a pool of sweat, trying to figure out how to work my legs again, lol.

Round 1
I did one of their warm ups before the workout and think I have found 2 new favorites. I love anything that I can do on my lunch break, so this was a perfect combination and still left time for me to get in a cool down afterwards.

I am still going strong with the workouts. I sometimes have to convince myself to do them, but I am sticking to it. I haven't missed a day yet! And the best part is my husband told me that he is starting to see a difference in my body since I've been working out regularly again! I think I was smiling for about two days after he told me that, lol. I'm easy to please, I guess. But it's the little things in life that you have to appreciate anyway.

Speaking of appreciating, my hubby and I took some time this weekend to appreciate each other and our relationship as we passed our 3 year mark. Three years dating, 7 months of marriage. That means that I have 5 months left until we take 1 year anniversary photos... which means that I need to stick to the plan so I can reach my goal weight/fitness level by October and look good for the photos! I think I can do it! I'm feeling strong! Wish me luck! : )

And let's also take some time to appreciate the veterans, those still with us and those not, for all their sacrifices.

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