Sunday, August 18, 2013

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

We've made it through 2 inspections on the house we are trying to buy. Well, more like 1.75. We had an issue finding the crawl space for the main part of the house, so we still have to go back and check on that. And then we have the water inspection. After those we can say that we are buying the house!

We are now just waiting for the seller to tell us where the entry point is, or he'll have to cut a new hole for us to use for the inspection. We aren't going to buy if we can't see the foundation. So hopefully he will cooperate. We just have about 2 days of waiting in between communications and it doesn't help the stress level. We're trying to stay relaxed though.

I can now say that my headaches have gone a way. We had a splurge a while back, after finishing our first Whole30, and the pizza did bad things to me. It took 5 days, but I haven't had a single one in the last few days, so I know I am getting back on track. We're being less strict with this round of our Whole30, including some of the Paleo-ified foods that they said not to do, but not much. This week doesn't include any, so that's good.

Speaking of meal plans, this week's meal plan is just a random combination of some of our favorites (and easiest to make) recipes from the four and a half weeks we did the Whole30. It's so much easier to just pick from those because I know which ones we really loved, which ones were quick to make, which ones require a lot of equipment, and which ones are more expensive. I think this week is going to be easy, which is just what we need because we got a little side-tracked last week. We're still making progress though.

I'm about ready to start packing boxes, and labeling them, and organizing them until we can move ... but since we haven't gotten through the inspections all the way yet, we're still not 100% sure that we are buying, and that would probably not be a good idea to start boxing up our things if we aren't going to be moving. It's hard to not get too excited and get started on all the plans that I've made while we've been waiting for the last two weeks. But Hubby helps to keep me grounded. We could use any extra well-wishes, good vibes, prayers, and crossed fingers if you have any to spare! : )

We have also been biking a ton, so I actually haven't done any of the Fitness Blender in the last week because we've been getting outside most of the time. We only have a couple of months left that we'll be able to do that, so we're trying to get our fill! : ) I think we could probably bike every day and not get tired of it. It's fun, it's a cheap date night, and what better way to spend quality time with your significant other than to spend 1.5 hours biking and chatting.

Hope everyone has a great week! : )

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