Thursday, June 6, 2013

Heart For Mike

I follow a few different paleo people on Facebook and Twitter. One of them, Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations, caught my eye today. He posted a picture of bacon. If you follow him, you know that this is not unusual. The picture was a huge stack of bacon. It was the wording that got my attention though.

He said, "It is amazing how many people I can get to share this photo of bacon, but I can't get to donate $1 to help save someone's life. I NEED YOUR HELP. Share this photo and this post and help me help Mike please". 

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Mike was born with a rare heart defect and that he now needs a heart transplant. There have been complications, however, because most people with Mike's defect do not live to adulthood, so he is having problems getting approval for the transplant. Mike's web page says that Stanford has agreed to pay for most of the bills concerning the heart transplant as long as he can pay for medications before and after the transplant. And most of those medications are not covered by insurance, so he has been doing his best to raise money for those medications, which I'm sure most of you realize would be a very difficult thing to do, especially once you listen to Mike tell his story and realize just how sweet he is and how badly he feels asking people for money.

So then George, the Civilized Caveman, came across Mike's story. He does not know Mike. I do not know Mike. Neither one of us have anything to gain from sharing his story other than knowing that we did a small part to helping him reach his goal. But George took it a step further. He set up part of his website to spread awareness about Mike's condition to help him raise money. It was going to be a surprise that George handed over to him at the end, but by accident Mike found out. (You can tell he feels horrible for ruining the surprise, which he shouldn't. Imagine someone feeling so bad for ruining a stranger's surprise to help them save their life. What a sweetie!)

Anyway, I saw George's post on Facebook and followed the link to listen to Mike's latest vlog. There are 6 total, I think. It's about 13 minutes long, but it was such a touching video, and I couldn't help but feel the need to donate and share his story. I don't think I'll need to convince you, just take a minute to listen to what he has to say and then decide if you want to help:

Here's his latest vlog:

Here are some more links to Mike and George to find out more:

Mike's blog
Mike's YouTube
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Mike's Twitter

George's webpage about Mike (Do You Have a Paleo Heart)
George's Facebook
George's Twitter

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