Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's About Time ...
It's about time for another post. I've really been slacking off here. Feel free to give me a kick in the booty next time! I seem to have drifted off into the world of Pinterest and Bower Power. I have so many wonderful ideas for this house that we are buying may be buying. 

The updates on the house are pretty much the same news over and over. We had been looking for a house for over a year. We toured quite a few of them, put offers on a few of them, and they all didn't work out for one reason or another. We finally decided to give up on looking for a while and focus on saving more money/ paying off debt when we came across this house. We decided to give it one last try. And to our surprise, the seller negotiated with us. So we spent a couple of weeks going back and forth with him and finally came to an agreement. We spent a pretty chunk of change getting inspections done and everything that we thought would pass with flying colors has turned into a road block, while the things we were expecting to be a challenge ended up being barely a rolling stop. It's been a pretty surprising process. 

So the latest news is that all of the inspections have been done, they came back and told us that the well was contaminated. It had been sitting a few months so we weren't really totally surprised, just disappointed because that meant waiting for them to treat it and test it again. We finally got all of that done (after a week of waiting) and now they said there's still a small trace of contamination. So that means retreating and retesting. They were supposed to retest early this week. I believe. It's hard to keep track now. So we should find out either late this week or early next week if the well will pass the inspection. We can't move forward until it does. And that is the last thing our lender is waiting on. We've gotten insurance and the whole she-bang ... so fingers crossed that the well passes this time, please. Pretty please! : )
And speaking of the house, I'd love to turn this blog ... or adapt it ... to include all of the projects/home repair/remodeling that we'll be doing to it over time. We aren't going to have much money starting out, so it will be a slow process, but I'll share what I can! : ) I think maybe if I start incorporating more of our daily lives into the blog I may end up writing more often than once every two weeks, lol. It will still have an emphasis on being healthy, but with a touch of this and a dash of that along the way! Hopefully you all enjoy it!
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I'll post another update as soon as we hear more info! Until then ... happy Thursday!  : )

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