Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Discovery: Yumprint!

While browsing around one of my favorite blogs, Whole Family Strong, to see the changes they made with their recent blog remodel, I noticed a new option. Or maybe it was there the whole time and I just didn't notice before. That would not surprise me either, lol. 

I found one of the recipes that I love and have made several times and noticed a "Save" button next to it. So I decided to go ahead and click it. It took me to a site called Yumprint. I instantly fell in love. 

I always struggle with the grocery list each week because I try to make sure not to forget anything and keep it organized, but each week I get to the store and can't remember whether I need ground chicken or chicken breasts or whether I REALLY need that coriander, but can't remember which ingredient it's in. This website solves all my problems. 

It allows you to install a special button, similar to Pinterest's "Pin It" button. From there you can go to any website you want and find a recipe that you'd like to try or that is an all-time favorite and click the "Yumprint" button that pops up. It will open a mini window that shows you a "recipe card" listing the ingredients and instructions. You have the option to edit it any way you want before saving and when you save you can choose which category you'd like it to be placed under (breakfast, crock pot meals, appetizers, desserts, etc.). And just like Pinterest, you can choose from any of the photos on the page to use as the picture ID for your recipe.

That's just the start!


Once you've got a few recipes saved you can go to the Yumprint website and they will have all of your recipes organized for you by category.  You can then click and drag individual recipes up to your "Meal Planner" at the top of the screen to organize your meals for the week ... or month... it's pretty customizable.

And then ... you can click on the "Grocery List" tab and choose to drag and drop specific recipes to your grocery list where it automatically adds up and combines any like-foods that there are. It even organizes them by produce, dairy, etc. You can drag and drop individual recipes or even just choose to "Add all planned recipes" to the list to instantly have your grocery list for the entire week. You can go in and edit things as needed and just check off items that you already have or add in individual items if you are making something else that isn't in a recipe. 


Ok, you may love all of that already, but guess what! You can then email or print your grocery list to take with you, but I was curious and decided to search my iPhone for a Yumprint app and I found it! And it's free! Can't beat that. So now I can take my phone to the store with me (which I always do anyway) and just pull up my grocery list, check items off as I need to, and the best part is that I can click on an individual item and it will show me which recipe it belongs to so I can make any last minute decisions on whether I REALLY need to drive to the second store to pick up an item the first store didn't have. 

I love it! It's the most user-friendly option I've seen yet for organizing meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists. The only thing that I wish it had was the option to place your mouse over the individual recipes on the website and have the name of the recipe pop up. I can't always tell which recipe is which just by the picture. So that would be more convenient. But it's really not a big problem because I can always just click on it and it will pop up and show exactly which recipe is which. 

And if you don't know of any recipes or maybe just want some more, you can go to Yumprint's home page and they will have suggested recipes from other users for you to try, if you want. Pretty cool, huh? 

I tried out the app at the grocery store last night and it worked perfectly. I have a feeling Yumprint and I are going to be very good friends! : ) To follow my Yumprint Cookbook, click the link HERE!

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