Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wish I Could Say...


I wish I could say that I had an update on the home-buying situation, but we still really haven't made much progress. It always seems like two steps forward and one step back. 

I did get a few more papers sent in, but otherwise we are still waiting. Right now, specifically, we are waiting to get a verification of my employment. I don't see why it's been so hard, but apparently they need a special report. They got hubby's report done and out of the way last week. 

We did narrow down our homeowner's insurance choice to one company though and will be calling them tomorrow to finalize all of that stuff. But at least we aren't moving backwards, right? And we're now down to one week and one day until closing... so hopefully there isn't much that can go terribly wrong in one week, right? Right!

Ok, moving on. 

We didn't have much time to sit and twiddle our thumbs while worrying about the house this weekend. We went to visit hubby's mom. It was hot and humid, but we had AC, so it wasn't so bad. Turns out that her dishwasher decided to die right in the middle of our visit. So hubby yanked it out and installed a new one for her. I helped. I read the instructions. Men don't do that, ya know. So someone has to keep him straight! ; ) 

Slimy salesman holding a contract.
I do have to say that I have seen salesmanship at its best... or worst... depending on how you look at it. He was cheesy and kept changing his story. I don't even know how many times he told us something different. First he had the one she wanted in the color she wanted, but showed her a more expensive one. When he saw she wasn't interested, he suddenly didn't have the color she wanted in stock. Then she opted for a second color. He had it, but then suddenly that one wasn't in stock either. And then he started showing her a completely different one. 

When the other salesman started showing off the dishwasher that hubby's mom originally had liked, our salesman said that their salesman was not smart and that the other salesman didn't know that the one our salesman was promoting was better. He was slimy. If you followed all of that, I applaud you. It was hard to keep up with it ourselves. And he tried to make it seem like the third option he showed us came with wonderful free installation. Well, she already told him that hubby was putting it in ... so they ALL had free installation. We decided it was time to go. The second store was MUCH better. The guy answered our questions, didn't try to talk us into a different model, got it done in about five minutes. It was great. And it was about a hundred dollars cheaper than the other store too. Double win! : ) 

The installation was not all that easy because it seems the handyman who arranged the kitchen to begin with did not intend for people to take the washing machine out. There was just a clearance of a couple of inches to work with and a dip in the floor at just the wrong spot and let's just say it was an interesting night, lol. 

New Dishwasher Setting

And then...

I do have to say that hubby and I followed the rules of our Whole30-ish living very well ... until the last night. We were tired from wrestling with the dishwasher and starving because it took much longer than anticipated, so we went out to eat with hubby's mom and one of his good friends. So we splurged a little bit. It was a mistake, and we paid for it, headaches all around! But we are back to our good foods and speaking of good foods, I made one of our favorites for dinner tonight: salmon cakes with dill sauce and sweet potato fries. I'll post the recipe for that tomorrow! : )

Whole30 plan to succeed

Oh, and another little bit of awesomeness from this weekend... Hubby's friend is into cameras, and I'm just getting into cameras. I just had the one lens that came with the camera and he had just bought a nice, new, huge, lens ... so he gave me his old lens. Gave it to me. Didn't have to pay at all. He tends to do that with things when he no longer has need of them, lol. I don't mind though! He wouldn't take payment, so I said I'd cook him a nice healthy meal when he comes up to visit next time. He accepted! So now I just have to figure out what to make! He'll be up in a couple of weeks to help us finish moving. 

Hope you all had a fun and safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend! See ya tomorrow! : )

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