Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Body Rock/Daily HIIT Review

This review is not for a specific workout, but a specific workout group called Body Rock. I discovered this website some time last year and it's a great resource. It's also a FREE resource. The website is full of videos, and instructional videos, as well as nutritional information. The thing that is probably one of my favorite aspects of this website is that the videos are all under 20 minutes long, usually just 12 minutes. As short as they are, they pack a serious punch! You start out at high intensity and don't stop until you're done. These workouts are not for beginners, although they do show you different modifications if your fitness level is not quite as high yet. It's also great because there are always new videos so you aren't doing the same thing all the time and you won't easily get bored.

The workouts are high intensity intervals. They are typically made up 50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest alternating until the workout is finished. Some of the routines require equipment such as: free weights, equalizer, stability ball, and quite frequently a sandbag. They do offer modifications for many of these if you don't have the equipment though. And they even include a Yoga workout occasionally for those looking to build flexibility.

The program also has grown to a new website, called the Daily HIIT. I haven't followed this website as much, but it seems to be a bit more organized and has been divided into different categories including:

** HIIT Core          ** HIIT Reps
** HIIT Light          ** HIIT Prep
** HIIT Body         ** HIIT Bonus
** HIIT Max          ** HIIT Wkend
** HIIT Lean

On the flip side, the workouts can be a bit hard to navigate. They don't come with a set schedule of which workouts to do and when to do them. So if you're someone who likes specific structure, this may be a bit difficult for you. Also, and this is just a personal opinion, but I feel like the host, although very chipper and motivating, is a bit full of herself and as much as the program promotes being beautiful no matter who you are or what you look like, she has changed just about everything she can using plastic surgery in the last year: boobs, nose, and at some point lips. So it's hard for me to see her as a good role model for loving our bodies when she alters hers so much. The behind the scenes stuff can also seem a bit immature at times.

  • It's FREE
  • The workouts are short and easily fit into your day
  • The workouts are intense and guaranteed to bring results
  • The hosts are high energy and motivational
  • The program offers a wide variety of workout styles

  • The hosts can be a bit full of themselves
  • The workouts don't follow a particular schedule
  • A lot of the workouts require equipment
  • Does not include warm up/cool down
Overall though, I give this one a thumbs up! What you put into a workout is what you get out of it and you have to put a lot into these workouts, which means you also get a lot out of them. If you can get aside the occasional drama on the web page, then it's a great program! 

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