Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friday Weigh In

Fridays are my weigh in days. I'm a bit out of schedule posting this on a Saturday, but I'll get back on track next week!

I've found a really cool website that allows you to join in with friends and family, or even strangers, to create weight loss challengers. The cool thing about it is that you can keep track of your weight, but nobody else can see how much you weigh. All you have to do is sign up (it's free!), create or join a challenge, and put in your info! You can set the challenges to last any number of weeks that you choose and you can also decide which day you'd like to be your weigh in day. There's even an option to have them email you to remind you about your weigh in day. At the bottom of the page is a discussion board for members who want to share motivational words or maybe brag about their weekly losses!

As I said above, nobody else can see your weight. You enter your starting weight, your goal weight, and each week you enter your current weight, but the website converts the numbers to percentages. So all everyone else will see is the % of weight that you want to lose from your total body weight and each week it will report how much weight you lost (in %). It will keep track of each week's loss (or gain) and then keep a total running and arrange the members from top to bottom in order of highest % lost. So it's nice also because you don't have to lose the challenge simply because you have less weight to lose than another person. You can win based on percentage of weight lost per your total starting body weight. It's great!

So what is this website called?

So, I started this year off at a weight of 197.4. Since then, I lost about ten pounds, but then had a slip up and gained it all back, plus some. My weigh in today is my first weigh in back on track since that slip up. I weighed in at 196.5 so I'm slightly under what I was at the beginning of the year, but still higher than I could have been had I not gotten off course. Tomorrow I'll talk about "treating ourselves" and whether it's worth it or not. I hope everyone has a good weigh in and have a good weekend!

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