Monday, February 4, 2013

Motivational Monday

When I look for motivation to keep me on track, I find it everywhere. It's in the upbeat music that has me tapping my toes, motivational quotes that make me think about what I really want and deserve, and even inspirational pictures that make me want to push harder to make pictures of my own. Sometimes my motivation comes from family and friends too.

I find that I really start to lose my will power when I go grocery shopping. There are so many bad choices or even just not-great choices out there to tempt you. Yesterday is a great example; my husband and I were out picking up a few things at the grocery store. I told him one of those Cadbury Cream-filled eggs sounded wonderful and I bet him we would be able to find one if we looked. He didn't even hesitate before asking me if I really wanted one more shot of drugs or one more hit of the cigarette. It may seem a bit extreme, but let me tell you that it sure did the trick!

Sugar may not seem as dangerous as illegal drugs such as cocaine or even the legal substances such as alcohol, but several studies have shown that sugar addiction can be just as tough to beat as other, harder substances. So use whatever you have to. Write a message on your hand, put post-its on your fridge, or have a buddy system! Keep your focus and you'll reach your goal!!

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