Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Weigh In

It's Friday. That means it's the weekend! But it also means weigh-in day!

I have to admit that this week has not been the greatest for me. In fact, it was a bit stressful. I hate making excuses, but I just wasn't able to get motivated this week. I didn't lose much weight, but I didn't gain, so that's a plus! I lost 0.25% according to Thintopia, which puts me at about 196 instead of the 196.5 I was at last week for weigh in.
Aside from just keeping any and all trigger foods out of the house so as not to tempt me, I've come up with little ways to remind myself to stay on track. It is only as strong as you allow it to be, but they are pretty helpful.

3 Tips to Stay On Track:

  1.  Buy a set of window markers. You can get them at Wal-Mart and probably many other stores too. I found them in the office section with the other pens, pencils, and markers. They are markers that you can use to write on windows or mirrors and they wipe off, leaving no trace of the marker behind. I happen to know that they come out of clothing well too! I use these markers to leave myself notes around the house. I have some written on the bathroom mirror, on a dry-erase board in the kitchen, and even a little decorative mirror hanging by my front door. On the mirrors I write different quotes that inspire me, different messages to remind me why I want to lose the weight, and even little notes that my husband leaves me to keep me going. It's very handy and you can change the messages as often as you like, without having to use a ton of Post-It Notes. 
  2. Get a support buddy. My husband is my buddy. As I mentioned before, he will be strong for me when I feel I'm about to cave to temptation. It doesn't always work, and I don't always listen to him, but the majority of the time, it helps so much! Even if they aren't there with you physically, you can still text/call/email to let them know that you're feeling weak and they will be there for you and remind you of all the reasons to stick to the plan. It's great!
  3. Wear form fitting clothing. I have a habit of wearing dresses or pj's often. I work from home, so I don't technically have to get dressed each day. This is a problem though. If you don't wear your jeans or your pants, then you can't tell when you're outgrowing them. My mom always said that if you wear baggy clothing, you'll grow to fit them. If you wear form fitting clothing, you are more aware of what you eat because they only stretch so far.
I hope my tips can be a little helpful for you and I hope you all are doing well with your weigh-ins. Have a great weekend!

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