Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Weigh in and Portion Sizes

Today is Friday and that means weigh in! I didn't do as well as I thought, but I still lost half a pound. As long as you move in the right direction and never give up, then I think that's what really counts though.

My mom has recently found a pair of jeans that she loves and so she ended up buying a pair for me too. We happen to be the same size right now so she also bought an extra pair, one size too small, and said that the deal is, whoever fits into them first will get them! Sounds like a fun deal to me! So I've got to get on that!

As I was scanning around the wonderful world of iPhone apps yesterday, I discovered Flipboard. It is amazing. So I got it all set up to read different articles on food and health and fitness and other similar topics. I found this article in Women's Health Magazine on portion sizes that I thought was pretty interesting.

For example:

This example only works for a woman's hand because obviously a man's hand would be much larger, but it gives you a quick reference for when you don't have your measuring cups handy.

This one comes in very handy because I never know how much cheese is 1 ounce. Everybody knows how big a pair of dice are though. So this comes in very useful.

The article does recommend serving sizes for some foods that I wouldn't recommend like the fruit juice and the cereals, which are basically all sugar, but you can still get an idea of approximate sizes and how to figure it out when you're dining at a friend's house or somewhere without proper measuring tools.

To read the full article from Women's Health Magazine, click: HERE!

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