Monday, July 29, 2013

Almost Done!

We are on Day 22 today of our Whole30 challenge!!

The end is in sight! I would say that we've definitely started to feel better and aren't experiencing as many of the side effects  that were common with the first three weeks. We aren't completely home free yet, but the benefits that we've already been experiencing are definitely worth it and make the waiting much more tolerable.

We're still getting things straightened out with our digestive system, but that's much improved from the first week or so. We've still got some irritability going on too, but that could just be from daily stresses that we're still learning to better cope with. Overall, I'm still incredibly impressed with the results. I've never really thought of myself as someone who wake up ready to take on the world, and I still enjoy sleeping in when I can, but when I do get up I am ready to go within minutes. And that's pretty nice too! Along with the other benefits, we are still happy we signed up for this program.

This last weekend was the biggest challenge for us. We went camping. But we stuck to our Whole30 food guidelines and managed to make it through without any slip ups. We did miss our workouts on those days, but I think that is alright since we managed to keep our nutrition in check... and we were freezing the whole time, so that burns calories too, right? Right! ; )

Camping was fun, but we only had about a half hour of sunshine and then it got chilly, then it rained, then it was just cold, then it rained again. Finally, it got cold and stayed cold. We still had fun though, and we got to sleep in a tent on the ground, so that makes it all worth it! It's amazing how happy you can be to leave the comfort of your home and fridge and bed and pay money to sleep on a cold, hard ground with a hundred other people within throwing distance. Even so, we were happy to finally come home!

I was worried, though, that we'd not have enough time to meal plan and get groceries for this week, since we came back on Sunday and I usually get groceries and prep some food on Sundays. But since we came back early, due to the cold, I managed to get a meal plan out and bought groceries and now we're all set and ready to go for the week!

This week's cooking started out a little rough. I've already sliced my thumb open and I burned my other hand getting a breakfast casserole out of a 375* oven. Hopefully my clumsiness is done though. I'm not sure how much more my poor hands can handle, lol.

I'll get this week's meal plan posted tomorrow and also fill you in on what we're doing lately for workouts ... and maybe share some of the cool things I've been learning from the new podcasts I've been listening to. I also created my own breakfast casserole! I'll share that recipe soon, but need to work on it a little more.

Hope you all had a great weekend! And have a super week! : )

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